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Want to spend more time with family and children?

Earn PART-TIME income with FLEXIBLE working hours?

Here's the Opportunity ...

Company Description

We are a professional service firm that offers estate planning services such as Will Writing, Private Trust & Offshore Company Formation. We cater for both Muslims and Non-Muslims. We are currently actively looking for interested candidates to join as our franchisee. We are quoted by KC Lau (Malaysia's Top Financial Blogger) as the "Most Sought After Rockwills Group to Join".

Working with us, you are able to ...

Be Your Own Boss by signing up for Rockwills Franchise License

Provide Professional Financial Consultation Services to Clients as below:

  • Estate Planning Consultation
  • Will Writing
  • Private Trust
  • Offshore Company Formation

Suitable for:
  • MALAYSIAN Mothers / Wives
  • those who wishes a career SWITCH from current job
  • Professions who wish to add value for existing clients
    i.e. Insurance Agents, Unit Trust Agents, Financial Planners, Company Secretaries, Accountants, Audit Firms, Law Firms, and etc.
  • Corporate Mothers who wish to take care of their children while able to have their own career


  • SPM Qualification
  • Enjoy Communicating with people regarding Financial Services
  • Able to self-learn on market and product knowledge (with the help of our online training system)

Remuneration Benefits please refer to this link -> Rockwills Franchise Business Opportunity | MalaysiaWills

Email your enquiries about full details

Salary: Profit Sharing of up to 55%


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