VBAC (vaginal birth after caesarean)

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Mummies, this is my 2nd pregnancy and my first one is via C-sec and this time I wanted to go for vaginal birth.. There are couple of questions thatI wanted to understanding more from mothers than gynaecologist before making the decision:

1) any mummies had experience for VBAC? Mind sharing the difference?

2) how long it will take for recovery from vaginal birth?

3) how and what to do/take note after vaginal birth?

4) any exercise or things need to do/ prepare before vaginal birth?

5) how do you know is time to give birth or what should i do if the water bag break?

6) is induced painful?(in case there is still no sign after the mature period)

7) what if the dilation is not wide enough?

8) heard vaginal birth is more easy to collect more stem cell than C-sec, is that true?

I'm sorry mummies if I really have too much question. I'm really nervous and thank you in advance :)

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