When can i let my child sleep at night without diaper?

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I wondering when can i let her sleep without diaper? actually i feel diaper is not environment friendly but i can not without it. hope that my child can learn how to control wee wee.

Mother here, do u hav any suggestion? how to train her?

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start with the afternoon nap. clear the bowel before go to bed. in the middle of the night, we got to wake the kid up to make sure she shee shee again in the toilet......parents have to sacrifice a few night sleep to ensure the kid will not wet the bed......

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I taught my children not to wear pampers when they started to understand what we're teaching. Nisa my 3 yr old, Thank God, since she was 2 years old does not use pampers any more during day or night. I guess, child development is not the same, between 1-6 and 6-12 years of state. It's very much so different. That why, we as parents, have to make sure our children get the proper nutrients for their age. So that they grow up healthy and loves learning something new every time. Of course, teaching children not to depend on pampers anymore can be challenging.

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When my son was 6months I brought him to the potty first thing when he wakes up in the morning. By the time he was One he already can control his bladder well. I stop him from diaper at home and there were minor ‘accidents’. I always bring him to empty his bladder before he naps and he was diaperless during nap when he was 1 ½ years old. At 2 he was off diapers completely during the day and by 2 ½ he was off diapers at night. I think kids these days are smarter and easily trained. The milk they take is better these days.

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