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Having your first baby? It's really exciting isn't it? Ever considered a Perineal Massage, which can help you to reduce the vaginal tearing and discomfort during the childbirth...?

The area of the perineum is between the vaginal opening and the anus, which stretches and sometimes tears during the childbirth. The Perineal Massage helps you to soften and stretch these muscles in the perineal area and the surrounding preparing the vagina for childbirth. The massage can be done 6 to 7 weeks prior to the due date and its highly beneficial for the women who give birth to their first baby.

The massage can be done by your-self, your partner or by an experience Yoni massage therapist. (A perineal massage is completely different from a traditional yoni massage). Studies have shown that 5mins per day, 3 to 4 times a week would help to reduce discomfort in the perineal area.

- If you require further assistance regarding perineal massage please do not hesitate to contact me (Sean Perie) or visit my website. E-mail me with all your issues and concerns.

(The services also include Counseling (Sexual healing therapy) for individual women & couples, Yoni massage therapy and Treatment for Female Orgasmic Disorder (FOD)).

- However, if you require medical assistance regarding the Perineal Massage, kindly consult an experienced gynecologist.

As a professional massage therapist, I guarantee the best service to all the clients i serve.

Thank you.


(Please note: I do not provide female massage therapists. All the massage sessions are entirely handled by me. Please e-mail/sms me with all your issues, concerns and requirements. I will do my best to answer all the questions as much as possible).

Please Note: "I'm a physical massage therapist (A Male Masseur) mainly focused in womens sexual health issues. I use my massage therapy techniques to help women and couples to overcome their sexual issues. I do not have the ability to prescribe medicine. Please consult a gynecologist (A Doctor) if your require any medical assistance". -BodyDoctor-


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hi mummy im puspa with 2 kids just wanna share how important to take a good care on our body.. massage is one of an ex that will makes you feel healty all the time.. try out this just promote my personal massager which is quite good.. remember only clean massage will be done to you... hope its usefull for you here...regards

hello there my name is dainel and I am from PJ. I have been a massage therapist + trainer and also healing stress therapist. its only for outcall or at your home around PJ and KL. A perfect clean massage for your sastify.

1. Full body aromatherapy herbal

2. Yoni massage

3. Stress Healing massage ( a healing touch on back arms + shoulder + head)

I am 27 years old with and 3 years experiences. mix indian guy.. do mail me at for women of all races are wellcome. Lets start a peace of life..

you also can visit my site:


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Dear friend,

I was introduced to the traditional Malay lady urut and Post Natal V-Spa Monthly Therapy by my office colleague
two years ago after delivery my first baby. Malay lady urut was a common massage session for most mothers to Cleanse & pacify the stretchmark as well as push up the cervix to its normal position. But what a lovely surprise was the vagina steam bath or also known as v-spa. It was pretty relaxing and revitalising experience. If you can find such therapy at your local community, give it a try. Now I am pregnant with my second baby and will be due by end of August. I believe I will use both the malay lady urut and v-spa in combination. 

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