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Pregnancy After Miscarriage - Should One Risk It?

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The emotional roller coaster that a mother experiences before and after a miscarriage can never be described in words. From an emotional high with knowing that she is pregnant to a low of losing the baby, it can sometimes be too much to ask of a mother to try for another pregnancy again.

Due to the emotional scarring that a woman experiences after a miscarriage, planning another pregnancy after miscarriage sometimes may not be an option.

The experience may give rise to feelings of frustration and helplessness, and because miscarriage doesn't only leave a physical scar but an emotional some as well, some couples simply choose not to have another pregnancy after miscarriage.

This is unfortunate as there have been countless couples who become successful after the second or third tries. Their willpower is indeed commendable, yet the hesitation of couples to take another chance is clearly understandable.

How counseling can help

Depending on the circumstances surrounding the miscarriage, it is true that some women are forever denied the chance to become pregnant again. But there are also other reasons for miscarriages which are avoidable. Counseling can help couples conquer their feelings of frustration and depression and address all the questions that they need answers to.

While there may be some who would deem counseling unnecessary, these are people who are not professional mental health consultants and are thus not qualified to decide whether or not a couple considering pregnancy after miscarriage need counseling or not.

Have a physical to prepare yourself for a pregnancy after miscarriage

As mentioned earlier, there are cases when it becomes impossible to try for another pregnancy after miscarriage. Undergoing a hysterectomy simultaneous with the miscarriage, for instance, makes it impossible for a woman to conceive again, but there are still other options.

If the miscarriage is due to other reasons which could easily be treated, it's best to have a physical checkup to know if your body is primed for your next planned pregnancy. A checkup for both you and your partner could give light on the possible causes of the miscarriage and could pave the way for appropriate treatment.

One of the things to take into consideration is that the couple planning a pregnancy after miscarriage should make a few lifestyle changes as well. This increases the chances of making another attempt successful, and both the man and the woman must cooperate in this venture. As soon as a positive pregnancy comes up, it is advisable to take things easy and to avoid being strained at work. At this point, your foremost concern would be not just the health of the baby but your own well-being, too.

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Technically, a miscarriage (also sometimes referred to as spontaneous abortion, SAB) is the loss of a pregnancy before the first 24 weeks....after 24 weeks it is called a still birth..


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