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Babysitter / Childcare Services

Location: Tropics At Tropicana City (above Tropicana City Mall)

Sex: Female

Race: Chinese

Time: Monday to Friday

Environment: Newly renovated service apartment. Clean and Tidy.

Description: Chinese lady with years of experience on taking care baby and children. Was providing confinement services previously.

Kindly PM or email to engbbcare@gmail.com for more information.

Phone: 012 543 5779

Thank you.

保姆 / 代顾小孩 服務

地点:Tropics @ Tropicana City (PJ Tropicana City Mall 樓上)






环境:服務式公寓住处,楼下备有泳池,Playground, 商場。

擁有多年照顧小孩的經驗, 之前提供陪月服務。

附近治安良好, 家裡環境清潔整齊,2個月前才剛剛搬進來。 無飼養寵物。


Email: engbbcare@gmail.com

Phone: 012 543 5779

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we would like to invite you to join us babyhomestay.com to turn your house into babysitting service. For more information, you can contact us @ info@babyhomestay.com


website: www.babyhomestay.com

SMS/ Whatsapp: +60135676661 

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