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Newborn feeding issues!!!

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My dd2 (3 weeks old) feeds well, drink 3.5 ozs every 3 -4hours. However will not settle afterwards for sometimes 2 hours, goes to sleep then for maybe 30 mins. She was on SMA 1 for first1.5 weeks but cried for long periods after her feeds, seemed difficult to get wind up, was very constipated and cried most of the night too. We decided to change to SMA comfort 5 days ago. She is now has runny green (and extremely foul smelling) bowel movements for nearly every feed.
Though is is visibly clear that she has less discomfort she still does not settle after her feeds to sleep during the day. every time we put her down to her carrycot or crib after feeds she screeches (but stops when lifted) and some days she may not fall asleep for hours after herfeeds.Does anyway have any experience with this? Has she an allergy perhaps? Dairy, lactose etc?I don't think its colic cos not consistent to evening hours and its not reflux as she doesn't spit up much and is not silent reflux either as doesn't make the swallowing sounds?Any one any help/suggestions?


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