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After Misscarrage 1st period with blood clots

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Hi, I'm here new. I have miscarriage 24th June 2017 after a week i visit doctor to double confirm is my pregnancy still?? Dr do the internal ultrasound saying it was very clean in my uterus and he told my spotting finish another 4 to 5 days. After few days what dr has told me was still have spotting and pinky almost 2 weeks and i call dr again about that.. then he said to me if after a week still have spotting come back and visit him.. Ok, well i wait another a week.. before a week i have symptom strong cramps and pelvic pain like my period want to start. On 19th July night my finally bleeding with clots but i am not so sure that is my period or bleeding until today 24th July still bleeding with clots.. i wonder even Dr check ultrasound cant even see the tissue, clots or something else inside the uterus. Some ppls told sure Dr can see that.  I really worry so much.. i need help can anyone recommend any good Dr to me?


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