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Hi, I'm newly joined. TTC with my hubby since last year and we had a miscarriage on Feb 2017. Recently I found something really weird happen. At night I can't sleep properly which is unusual for me as whenever I turn to the left, it hurt my lower abdoment and when I turn to the right it hurt as well (like needle pricks). And my lower backache is somehow mild no matter how I sit or lie, the pain just hit my back. 
-Felt nauseous throughout the day (no specific time & not everyday). 
-Food aversion / craving out of sudden. 
-Milky discharge.
-Boobs sore
-Nipples itch
-Inner tigh itch
-Lower belly itch

Is anyone facing these and they're preggo? As I really don't dare to take the pregnancy test yet after so many times of bfn and since my period is irregular all the time. I wish I can get a BFP this round. Just to wait a couples day more to take the test. 

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