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My sister just gave birth and would like to purchase baby products. She used to do online shopping, but she's inconvenient due to confinement. She asked me to help her to search for some e-commerce platform which focuses on selling baby products.


I browsed through few websites but wasn't really satisfied until i browsed through motherhood.com.my this e-commerce platform.

This platform was one stop for all, where it did not just contain baby products, but also selling maternity/mummy's products. 

My sister had brought diapers, breast pump, and also some baby clothes from motherhood.com.my. Oh ya, the price of these products were reasonable and the delivery service was great!


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Hi Eilynn, i almost give up on online shopping for babies until I discovered Shopee. You can have a look here at this link http://goo.gl/yhvWG0 and this is one of my favourite buyer as I have bought quite a number of things and it also includes free shipping. 

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