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Supplement that helps to boost kids' immune system

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Hello mummies,

I have a boy who is currently 2 years old. He often fall sick when he was little, every month we would pay a visit to the clinic. I felt really frustrated with
his health issue. He would catch a flu, cough, fever, diarrhea, and when he was still a baby, he had eczema too. All this caused me and hubby a
headache, and imagine all the money,time and effort spent.

Until my sister introduced a supplement called usanimals by usana. I gave it a try and after 2 months of trying, my boy fall sick lesser (touch
wood!). His appetite is getting better and starts to gain weight ( he often lose weight after he recover from sickness, its really difficult to gain
weight for him). My boy now take lacto gg probiotics and usanimals, and I see some improvement. I start introducing this to my friends who
are facing the same problem, and I thought of sharing it with all of you here.

:P :P :P:) :) :)

P/s: if you want to know more in details on this product, click on

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