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Mooza Mohd

Issue-based Workshop: Life & Leadership Skills for Teens (13-17 years)

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A young person’s life goes beyond the classroom and home environment.

All at the same time they have to do well academically, take part in extracurricular activities, adapt to both physical and emotional changes, navigate through new social situations and relationships, face tremendous peer pressure, and figure their place in the world as they go about their search for meaning and identity.

They have very little or no time at all in between.

We hear a lot about young people feeling under pressure and stressed, which takes a toll on their well-being and causing an adverse affect on their mental health – this includes depression, self harm (emotionally & physically), eating disorders, and other destructive behaviours.

In this very important transition period, teens need to be able to have space to pause, process, and reflect their life situations in a safe environment. There is no easy answer on how to nurture resilience and support them when they find life hard to cope with. However, the best place to start is with THEM.

Drama provides young people an informal space for emotions, thoughts, and dreams that they might not have means to express elsewhere – accessing part of the brain that otherwise remain untapped. It allows them to find their voice and be themselves without the fear of judgement.

This initiative is an offering for young people’s voice to be the foreground, rather than the background. It’s a ‘rehearsal for life’, a chance to take risks, explore possibilities, and navigate the life choices they have to make in a
safe space.

Sign up for our 2-day taster workshop and see if it’s your teens’ cup of tea.

Check out our FB event page for more information:

FB page:
Mobile: +6 011 111 44 328 (Mooza)




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