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maternal ambivalence - MA Research

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Mothers of Malaysia,

I am a Malaysian MA Student from Goldsmiths University. I am currently running a study on Maternal Ambivalence. By commenting, you acknowledge your voluntary participation. Your comment(s) may be used as part of my thesis.

I would like to hear your thoughts on this matter. I am however, NOT INTERESTED to judge who is good mother and who is not so I hope the discussion will be free from any judgement. All I want is an HONEST lived experience of mothers on the darker side of motherhood.

As of any human relationship we may experience that mixture of loving and hating feelings towards the other person. Mothers do so too. After all they are not super humans yet are demanded by socio-culture and religion to live as one. For example, you love your child and wanted them to be the best they can be. Yet, you also have expectation and when your kids can't meet that, (like behaving in public) you feel angry, dislike and even hated them for it.Everyone feels it, but has trouble talking about it, and those who do speak up raise feelings of alarm in those who are pushing these feelings out of consciousness.

Have you ever experience ambivalence towards your children and discuss this matter? If no, why not? What cause you to feel that way?

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