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I lost the 5.5kg that I put on from my pregnancy in 3 weeks

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Hi all mummie out there! Just to recommend what I have done to lose weight, after giving birth. I believe many mummies out there have gain some weight after pregnancy, thus I would wish to share what works for me, hope it can work for you too.

I dont like slimming pills because I'm scared of harmful chemicals (Im breastfeeding), and I don't trust expensive slimming centres. I came across this when I google for weightloss tips :P .

Previously, I have tried going for jogs and eating lesser, but it didn't seem to work much.

It promises 12-23pounds (approx 6-12kg) in 3 weeks, and its only $47usd (about myr170) - Yes i want to lose weight but I'm not willing to spend too much money. And I think i can commit 3 weeks, since I read reviews and it looks easy enough to follow.

I admit, there are some days that i cheated, but after 3 weeks, I still lose total of 5.5kg. I lost 2kg in the 1st 7 days. I guess if I put in more effort, I should be able to lose at least another 3kgs.

So for those mummies who are like me, who wants to lose away the extra kgs you put on after pregnancy, you may wish to try.

Good luck! ;)

Link here: The 3 week diet

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