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TCM maintains health through walking. The legendary Garden of Health and Joy

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Esplanade Square (center), Padang Kota Lama, Pulau Pinang, 5°25’15.63”N, 100°20’31.55”E
KLCC Park (Fountain right corner), Kuala Lumpur, 3°09’21.42"N, 101°42’42.93”E

Stroll through life in the life-giving breeze;TCM promotes health of all people. TCM maintains health through walking. The legendary Garden of Health and Joy - there is no rain, no wind, nor sunshine

Listen not to the rain beating against the trees. Why not stroll along, whistling and singing. Bamboo cane and sandals are better than horses. Who is scared? A palm-leaf plaited Cape shall weather the misty rains and sustain my life. The chilly Spring breezes sober me. The sunset at the mountain ridge greets me. Looking back over the bleak passage I just came through, I say, let me go. There is no rain no wind nor sunshine. (Song Dynasty, Su Shi, "Set Storm")

In the garden, there is a walking trail leading to the quietness. In the legend, this garden of fantasy was built in ancient times by the secret method of heaven and earth. Built for visitors to walk on, it helps people to get healthy in both body and mind. This beautiful story was told for centuries. Health and longevity have always been an eternal theme, and dream of many for thousands of years. People find the spirit and essence of health here. This is enough, because health is the most fundamental needs of human being. Happiness comes when there is health. Who doesn't want happiness?

This place interprets a traditional civilisation with Chinese characteristics and content. Here hides many unknown secrets and mysteries of Chinese culture. This place gathers all the brilliant and mysterious traditions for the past five thousand years for you to understand life's philosophy. Indeed, this complicated yet simple answer is: Nature is a fundamental principle of Tao. The greatest Tao is intangible.

  • Objective: Nature and Health
    • While inheriting our national culture, we are also obligated to continue its brilliance. Improve the quality of tourism to promote the development of local tourist market and healthcare tourism.
  • Principles: a combination of Chinese Fengshui environment physiology, environmental biology and environmental psychology, Chinese traditional culture and traditional medicine.
    • Utilising cosmic energy - the most advanced technology of our time (cosmic energy is an important part of energy research, as well as the hottest and most difficult topic in our scientific exploration nowadays. It is epoch-making and practical. This research result of cosmic energy reflects our scientific level. It is a landmark of people's intelligent development in the research of energy. It is also an invaluable milestone of the development of science. Here delivers the wonder of the nature, and displays the huge potential of the nature. It is model of green environment.
    • The garden itself has a self balancing system, the same as the sea water itself has a self-cleaning mechanism (organic waste in the nature is decomposed to another substance that is harmless to human body through biochemical effects of microorganisms in itself and in the nature), making no pollutions to the environment.
  • Facilities: Walking trail
    • A one-hour break per day if necessary (local time).

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  • Fees: Fixed rate (per person per time). Payment should be made before (or in three days upon) using the facility.
    • provides bank account. Please deposit the fees by yourself (no one collecting fees on-site).
    • No other parties are allowed to collect any monies or benefits in any forms as a requirement to use the project. Please contact us if there are any questions or comments;
  • Usage: Walk and stroll
    • Once / Day, 1 Hr / Time Walk and stroll slowly (those with moving inconvenience can use wheelchairs). No lingering (force majeure is not included).
    • Specify authorised address, starting point and coordinates (see the form above). Walk according to the trail instructions:
      • The Square: Circle inside the area clockwise.
      • The playground: Circle outside the area anti-clockwise.
      • The Park: Stroll inside the park.
    • Those who need to leave earlier can quit through the exit directly, can't re-enter within the same day.
    • Reminder: Please be sincere and clear when strolling with a pure mind (Xunzi, "Evil Nature": Now if people on the road can be convinced by Tao and concentrate on studying Tao by thoughtful exploration and review, persistent practice day after day, and do kind things all the time. They can soon communicate with gods and list themselves in heaven.
    • Please maintain order by yourself (Not allow : dancing, lying down, running, touching or disturbing others; Keep quiet, off ringer/alarm, no smoking, no littering, protect the environment. Violation of the above may reduce effect);
  • Beneficiary: Strollers according to instructions
    • Other common visitors will not be affected as this has built-in advanced and fully automated recognition and analysis functions (No payment is invalid);
  • Note:
    • Ming Xuan Reaction is normal phenomenon and is a feature of TCM. The park is suitable to all people (traditional diagnosis is not required), and all ages (including infant and pregnant women)
    • Prohibit photograph, video and audio recording. All of our products have anti-plagiarism and self-protection functionalities;
    • For more information, please read the Walking in the Rain Set up, the Guidelines and the FQA.

Developed by Dr. Wei Quan LONG
The World Latest Achievement of TCM Research

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