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recently i got offer from utm as a library assistant and i a bit confusing right now whether to accept that offer or not. Soon, i will move to johor and i'm looking for nurseries for my daughter, but my problem is :-

1.My job working hours by syif (maybe can adjust with my officer)

2.Expenses (nurseries) might be expensive and i think my salary not enough for this.

3.My home is quite far from utm , around 37.5km fuel expenses might be RM20 a day not enough for my salary as govt servant..

I was dillemma to accept this offer because my working hours, nurseries for my daughter and fuel expenses but if i'm not accept this offer i will live separately with my hubby and i'm afraid to send my daughter to nursery .

My mother willing to take care my daughters for temporary but i dont want to separate with them.

Right now , i still thinking about the job or my daughter happiness.

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