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Husband seeking advise in Planning for a Child

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Hi all,

I was searching for a website that gives advise on how should a couple prepare and plan to have their new born. Most I see are advise out of Malaysia which only applies to some extend.

Understand that this forum is meant for mommies and I truly believe that Mommies knows best.

I have not come across any forum on parenting for Daddies :S

Hopefully by joining this forum, I have a clearer view of what to plan for, how much should we set aside and what are the challenges & satisfaction we both (as parents) shall receive.

Thank you all for reading this message.



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Hi Ollie,

This is alyssa here, Im a qualified naturopath and nutritional therapist, graduated from London. Currently, practising in kuala lumpur with corporate company on a contract basis as well as personal consultation.

Well, A naturopath is someone who offers advice using natural therapist with regards to health, emotions and lifestyle changing as well. Is there any specific area which i can offer some advice? Ive been working with my clients on fertility issues. If its just with regards to mother's & father's health, pre/post conception, sperm quality, new born babies - toddlers food, nutrition and health, etc. I could offer you advice here.

If its rather private i suggest you write to me personally. As more details is required, rather than guessing and giving common answers which are searchable over the net anyway. As a naturopath, we are trained to provide personal tailored made advice.

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