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I'm a newly joined member and also a mum of 2 children. In those days, we used to warm the baby bottles manually in a hot water container. Now with the advent of technology, warming and sterilizing is a breeze! The models shown are fast, convenient and safe for babies.This take away the stress of a new mum who is both tired and does not has enough time.

Here, I have attached 5 models of warmers for your viewing and comparison.

Avent model is also a sterilizer besides being a warmer.

LIttle Bean is a 2 in 1 Home and Car Bottle Warmer and another model a super sterilizer combo set

Tommee Tippee model is a food and bottle warmer.

MAM model is a steam sterilizer.

You can view the details and photos on my blogshop as per my signature - click Category Baby Feeding.

Interested, can drop me a line - michwardrobe@hotmail.com

Thanks for viewing.


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I think we are robotic enough already. But we are still human. We should do a least of thing manually.

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