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Over the past 7 years we have helped couples from all over the world
including Australia, Malaysia, UK ,USA, Japan, Korea, Hong Kong,
Indonesia, Canada, Poland and Singapore to become families via egg
donation,sperm donation and surrogacy.

We are recruiting egg donors between ages 18 - 30 who are healthy, accomplished and attractive to help other women's dreams of having a baby come true. By becoming an egg donor with us, you will be compensated for your time and commitment.

We are also looking for surrogate mother who are between ages of 21 - 40, birthed atleast one child and healthy to carry our Intended couples baby through eggs donated by the mother or egg donor. To become a surrogate is a big decision and is an unforgettable contribution to a couple unable to have babies while you receive a generous compensation package for your time and effort.

For more details pls do not hesitate to message me : smsaa_sara@yahoo.com

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