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Hi all,

I'm Madam Lim, doing confinement service for more than 20 years.

I'm not attached to any agents.

What I do is for you.

Confinement could recuperate some of health issues you had and failed to recover from for years, e.g: cough

Take care, especially working moms who hardly had quality food due to tight schedule on working.

+603 3122 7019

+6012 3916 117


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I am Aunty Lily had been working as a confinement lady for the past 10 years but most of the time through recommendation from friends and relatives. My age is 60 years old and a Chinese Malaysian lady. I am willing to go overseas to do my confinement assignment. Do feel free to contact me if you need a CL. My contact is +60167157340.

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It's nice to know that there is a thread here for CLs. I am talking to my husband about getting a CL when I give birth in 5 months. We have not finalized the decision yet but once we do I will surely come back here and contact you guys. Thanks for the info.

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My MIL has experience in confinement lady services.

She is able to gather necessary chinese herbs at affordable price (help you save cost, don't get cheated fake herbs), cook healthy meals (have vege and meat), boil herb water for mother to bathe, bathe, feed and take care of baby.

Breast-feeding friendly.

Willing to cook extra for husband and family if requested.

Currently, based in KL/Selangor area.

Speak mostly Mandarin and Cantonese, little English.

Part time service (goes home at night, mother takes care of own baby at night)

Starting price RM3500.

Please contact her if interested.

Auntie Woo 0166662693

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