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Superstar Teacher

Primary 2 to Primary 6 Math and Science lessons - Superstar Teacher

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Dear parents,
If you are looking for help to improve your child's Math and Science result by 20 to 40 marks, Superstar Teacher is the answer!

Superstar Teacher is a subscription based, exam-oriented online video lessons targeting at Primary 2 to Primary 6 students, all the lessons are conceptualised to help students ace their examinations. Students will be exposed to tough Math problem sums and Science open-ended questions and be taught simplified strategies that are formulated to explain in a manner where students can understand.

Superstar Teacher teaches the skills and techniques to solve tough and tricky math and science questions (frequently appearing in school's examination papers) that requires a heuristics skill to solve.

You may visit (scroll down for snippets of youtube videos we uploaded) for demo.




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