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Calling all breastfeeding moms out there !!

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Calling all breastfeeding mom out there!!

Be proud of yourself if you are a breastfeeding moms!!

Let's intro yourself here!!

Let start with me:

I am Cheng Cheng (Mummy GreenGreen) with 2 babies (2.5years old boy & 9months old gal). I have been fully breastfeed my baby gal since she born till now. As for my 1st baby boy, i failed my bf journey due to lack of knowledge and support from family.

Breastfeeeding journey is tough but I believes with strong determination, hardworking, positive-minded, happy feeling, every mom can success in breastfeeding.. My target to bf my baby gal for 2 years. How about you? :)

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Hi Mummy GreenGreen, I failed with my eldest too. Only 2 months of breastfeeding and I give up. Lack of knowledge and support is my problem. Currently I am still breastfeeding my 2nd one, 1 year 2month old. I am targeting to complete it for 2 years too. I think we can really see the difference between both child, the one that we breastfeed more will tend to be more closer to us and seem to 'love' us more.

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