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Instructions For an Avent Isis IQ Duo

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Hello friends,

The Avent Isis IQ Duo is a small, electrical or battery-operated breast pump. It consists of just a few parts you have to assemble before each use. Once it is assembled, you can use it with the electrical or battery power or choose to use it manually. After you finish pumping, clean the pump thoroughly to keep it clean and sterilized for your next pumping session. Assemble your Avent Isis IQ Duo breast pump properly before using it. It consists of two white valves that fit into the pump body. The clear silicone diaphragms also fit into the pump body. Screw the entire pump body assembly onto the milk container. Push the let-down massage cushions inside of the funnel; this part helps to stimulate let-down, but you don't have to install it to use the pump. After assembling the pump, connect the control handles to the pump body and connect the power lead so you can plug the unit in.The unit has a control button on the power lead. It flashes and turns orange while the pump is starting. When the light turns green, the breast pump is ready to use. After placing the funnels comfortably on your breasts, press the control handle to adjust the pumping rhythm to either mimic your baby's initial rapid sucking or a natural rhythm. Once you have attained the rhythm you prefer, press the control button again so the pump will continue the pumping rhythm.

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