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  1. BrainBuilder Maths Enrichment Centre Good News! Grasp the opportunity to meet up with Mr Suhaimi Ramly, the coach of Malaysia team to International Mathematical Olympiad (IMO), and the country representative of Malaysia to Kangaroo Maths Competition (KMC) which is very popular in Europe. Mr Suhaimi’s workshops have attracted many teachers and students from more than 50 schools in Malaysia. The workshop content is about the mystery of Maths Olympiads as well as the exposure on effective problem solving skills in Maths Olympiads, rather than just knowing the individual theorems. He will be conducting 2-day Maths Olympiad Workshop at BrainBuilder Subang Jaya during the coming school holiday break: Dates: 27th & 28th May 2013 Days : Monday & Tuesday Time : 9.30am-5.00pm Attending this workshop will definitely provide you another layer of higher order problem solving knowledge meant for your future’s involvement in more maths competitions from different places around the world! Most importantly, take this ‘golden opportunity’ to further improve your CCTS (creative+critical thinking skills) that makes you a better thinker. more info log on