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  1. Hi, I just found out this new kindergarten school in kota damansara - "In -kids Preschool ". I was told that there were formely known as Kinderland Kota Damansara. I went there to ask for my girl 5 years old and it was very interesting that the school offer speech & drama curriculum from london syllabus and children creative thinking from Australia in their school with a very reasonable price-- i think !! - just RM490 permonth for my kid.. wow... i went to Citta Mall and ask, they charge me Rm 1680 per month leh... they just told me that there have a education aids foundation - " i guess by somebody rich" to sponsor some kids in the comunity. for those whose start studying from 3 years old to 5 year old, when the kids come to 6 year old and parents like me only pay 50% of the school fees.. wow... very tempting for me leh, now aday, everything also increase, petrol increase nearly 10% . but my salary not.. how to cope with the rising cost in KL... susah susah...