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  1. Baby and Kidz Fair Penang 2015

    KUNJUNGILAH PAMERAN BAYI & KANAK-KANAK NO 1 dan TERBESAR DI PULAU PINANG! Baby & Kidz Fair akan mempamerkan produk terkini untuk ibu-ibu yang bakal bersalin, bayi, kanak-kanak dan lain-lain. Masuk Percuma | 8000 Goodies Beg Percuma | Beli & Menang! Sebanyak 15 kereta bayi dan terdapat juga lebih 200 hadiah disediakan + 5 sesi cabutan bertuah setiap hari | Serta & Menang! 33 Aktiviti Pentas untuk kanak-kanak dan ibu bapa + Hadiah Terjamin + Tiada sebarang yuran kemasukan. PULAU PINANG Tarikh: 9-11 Oktober 2015 Tempat: Spice Arena, Bayan Lepas Untuk maklumat lanjut, sila ikut atau hubungi 012-302 8080.
  2. COME and VISIT the NO.1 and THE LARGEST BABY & KIDS EXPO Penang! \ Baby and Kidz Fair exhibit numerous latest products for maternity, kids, and babies. Free Admission| Free 8000 Goodies Bag| Spend & Win!|15 Baby Strollers to be given away & more than 200 prizes to be won +5 sessions of lucky draw per day. Join & Win! 33 Fun-Filled Game Activities with Guaranteed Prizes & No Participation Fees. PENANG Date: 9-11 October 2015 Venue: Spice Arena, Bayan Lepas. For more information, please follow us on or call 012-302 8080.
  3. Dear all mom and mom to be... Any one of you ever do the treatment at TMC fertility Penang?
  4. Dear Parents, Re: To Concerned Parents Who Wants The Best For Their Child. Have you ever wondered why does your child display certain negative characteristics in his behaviour such as throwing tantrums, being lazy and losing interest quickly? Have you ever felt worried that your child may not be on par with other kids of his age in terms of sports or education? Does your child refuse to listen to what you say most of the time? You will find the answer that you are looking for in our “How To Bring Out The Winner In Your Child Seminar” on3rd August 2013 at. The seminar will be conducted by Dr Ernest Wong, who has more then 28 years experience in the field of child development and parenting. Five reasons why you should attend this seminar: - You will understand the reasons for your child’s negative behaviour. - You will find the potential in your child and help him shine. - You will learn how to mould positive behaviour in your child. - You will learn the correct ways to make your children listen to you. - A little effort you put in your child could make a lot of difference to your child in his lifetime. The Seminar worth RM198/pax and now is FREE. Admission fee is RM30 and it is refundable upon registration at counter before the Seminar begins. If you feel that this seminar can benefit you, please call contact Ann Goh 012 444 9723 for reservation as seats are limited. Please come with your spouse as we believe that both parents involvement will be more meaningful and makes a difference to your child. We look forward to seeing you soon and wish you a lovely journey in growing up with your child! Sincerely, Andy Loke Founder Genomes Consultancy Sdn Bhd P.S. As seats are limited and we are bringing in Dr Ernest Wong all the way from Singapore, please take advantage of this opportunity to book your seats now. Call Ann Goh 012 444 9723. 亲爱的家长, 致:注重孩子教育成长的你 您是否想过您的孩子为什么会有负面的行为,如发脾气,懒惰以及容易放弃或半途而废? 您是否有担心过孩子可能无法在运动或教育方面和其他同年龄的孩子一样? 您的孩子是否不听您的话? 在儿童发展与亲子教育领域已有28年经验的黄树荣博士会于2013年8月3日,City Bayview Hotel, Penang,“如何让你的孩子胜在起跑点的讲座会”上,将会为您一一解答。 您务必出席本次讲座会的五大理由 : - 您会明白你孩子的消极的原因。 - 您会发现你孩子的潜能并帮助他们成功。 - 您将学习如何帮你孩子塑造积极的行为。 - 您将学习让你孩子听话的正确方法。 - 您少少的付出将改变您孩子的一生。 原价每人RM198,现在完全"免费", 只限四十位。报明费RM30(RM30 将在讲座会开始前, 柜台登记时退还)。 希望您与配偶能踊跃出席本次讲座,座位有限请连络Ann Goh 012-4449723 预订座位。 Andy 陆仁进创办人謹啟 我们期待着您的到来,并希望您孩子可以有个快乐的成长旅途! 附:由于座位有限,请尽快连络Ann Goh 012-4449723 电话预订座位。 Regards Ann Goh (Mobile: 012-4449723)Business Development Manager Genomes Consultancy No. 20, 1st Floor, Jalan Bawal, Kimsar Garden, Prai, Penang. Tel: 04-3907488, 3906231 Fax: 04-3999073 Email: Website :