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  1. Polkadot - Black, red, brown Navy blue bear design Plain color - Blue, purple, red, pink, brown Do drop by to view lots of other baby clothing, kids apparel, baby products, accessories, toys, towels and lots more. For order / enquiry, pls PM on FB, SMS 012 5170358 or email to Mich Wardrobe
  2. Hi mommies, Just checking if anyone of you joined Johnson's Baby Of The Year contest ? It's coming to an end and hope soooo much my baby can win the main prize of RM10,000! All the best to all mommies who joined!
  3. Hi there, i am new here.. i am a mother who work from home... i spent alot of time surfing the net, and since pregnant.. when i am bored, i will google for mom and baby contest to join. i wanted to share with the mommies here some of the interesting contest i found today.. i don't know where to post them actually.. i hope you guys like it! Cheers!