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  1. My sister just gave birth and would like to purchase baby products. She used to do online shopping, but she's inconvenient due to confinement. She asked me to help her to search for some e-commerce platform which focuses on selling baby products. I browsed through few websites but wasn't really satisfied until i browsed through e-commerce platform. This platform was one stop for all, where it did not just contain baby products, but also selling maternity/mummy's products. My sister had brought diapers, breast pump, and also some baby clothes from Oh ya, the price of these products were reasonable and the delivery service was great!
  2. HSG Test Cost

    Hi there, I am new to Malaysia and I would like to know the price of HSG Test. And please recommend where to do ( hospital, clinics) the test. Thanking you
  3. Helping out a neighbour is a super-convenient way to earn some extra money close to home. Join the BABYHOMESTAY network to start receiving job invitations. Turn your house into babysitting now and make great money.
  4. Join us at the 4th Private & International School Fair in Kuala Lumpur! With over 90 international schools in the country and more to open in the near future, parents today have many options from which to choose. To find out more about curricula, fees, location, facilities, extracurricular activities, languages offered, teaching staff, and options for boarding at these schools, come to the 4th Private & International School Fair incorporating preschools and learning centres in Kuala Lumpur on 8-9 Nov 2014 at Mid Valley Exhibition Centre. Organised by Mint Communications, this fair aims to provide the ideal platform for schools to meet with parents, and for parents to find a suitable school for their children. The fair begins at 11am and finishes at 6pm on both days and admission is free. This fair will truly be your gateway to a world of learning opportunities within and beyond the classroom - an event not to be missed! Admission to the fair is free. Visitors will also be able to purchase a copy of the Education Destination Malaysia: Guide to International & Private Schools at a discounted price. The guide not only provides information of schools and curricula but also includes articles on how to choose a school. We will also be organizing our first ever on-site Creative Kids & Spelling Wiz contests. Places are limited, so hurry and download the registration forms here! For more information visit us at or call Mint Communications at +603-7986 0070 You can visit our events page directly at
  5. Malaysia Virtual Offices

    As a relatively open state-oriented and newly industrialized market economy, Malaysia has been one of Asia's best in the economic performance. This country is one of the world's largest exporters in the electrical goods, solar panels, semiconductor components and devices, and information and communication technology ( ICT ) products. Furthermore, this country has the strengths in the rank, including getting credit (rank 1st), protecting investors (ranked 4th) and doing trade across borders (ranked 29th). This factor has created a good environment for your business. When you are start-up, the Malaysia virtual offices can be the best solution for you. The Malaysia virtual offices are able to result in a vast number of benefits to a start-up business with few of the headaches that a traditional office space unnecessarily incurs. You may find it more and more cost-effective to use the services provided by a virtual office space. The virtual office space has an ability to grow your business without growing your ownership budget. It is considered as a smart ways of reducing operating costs they have to. Some companies have utilized it for many years. One advantage of using the virtual office space is that it can allow the employees to work from home.
  6. To all fathers in Fathers Corner of this forum, I've used to see most of the mum considering about which music courses will be the most suitable for your children but seldom fathers did what a mother did. I'm here to share some information, or I can consider as giving another option for your consideration about the right music course for your lovely children. MIM (Music for the Intelligent Mind) is a preschool music program for children from 4months to 7 yrs old. It's the only program accredited by London College of Music outside of UK and recognize by MOE Singapore. This program incorporate eye training, pitch training,.memorizing techniques, concentration training, proper playing techniques, music mapping, music dictation and other activities which are normally conducted in more advance courses. Enrollment for MIM weekend classes started from today and please kindly visit our website : for more information. You can also contact me via mobile or email as you can find from the attachment in this topic. Do LIKE us on Facebook for more updates : Thank you & have a nice weekend.