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  1. We do know how costly education is getting. In another 5 to 10 years, a degree is going to cost about RM 60 000 to RM 70 000. As a parent, isn't it our job to save for our childrens's better living? Or would you rather let your child to depend on the PTPTN loan? Trust me, though the loan helps during their studies, they will have a hard time paying once they have graduated and start working. Imagine this: Our child is now stepping into tertiary education, and the whole course costs RM 50 000. He takes PTPTN loan to help lighten his financial burden. Now, he has graduated and started working..thus the need to start paying off his loan. Every month he needs to keep aside RM 400 to pay his loan. The worse part is, even if he pays more, he still needs to pay for the 1% FIXED interest, since the loan is based on fixed interest. Not only that, he is an adult now, and would need to buy his own car.. and then HOUSE! We all do know that the price of houses are skyrocketting every year! Just imagine how much would a simple house cost in another 5 to 10 years. It will be RM 600 000 average! Our son now has to take extra loans to buy a car..and then a house. and then struggle to save for his wedding and eventually build his own family. Yet, the newspapers published recently that many young adults are becoming bankrupt by age of 30. What else do they expect with the current hikes in nearly every single thing? From education to car to petrol to houses and groceries?? Worst of all, eventhough living cost is shooting up, the SALARY increment is STAGNANT or very little. it does not compensate the hike in living cost at all. The future generation really needs to struggle just to survive. Dear all, if we could afford to save for our children's future then why not we help ease their burden? Tokio Marine Life has several affordable yet useful savings plan that can help to guarantee your children's future. A few of them would give regular return till age of 80 or 90! You would only need to save little for your precious child for a short term period. Besides that, protection is also given. I'm sure most of you are already saving regularly in a bank, but just how much of profit can you get from saving in the bank? With a savings of RM 5 000, you will only get RM4.50 of interest per year. With basic savings in Tokio Marine you will gain profit worth thousands of ringgit. Why not do the comparison for yourself then judge? Call me at 012- 219 7893 for more details. Besides, there is no harm listening to a good plan if it can help our children. =) Sharmilla Devi Chee Tokio Marine 012-219 7893