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  1. Where to eat?

    Can someone highlight where i can go to vietnamese restaurant in KL?
  2. Source from! These sweet things are just what you need this week. Smoky grilled chicken breasts pair perfectly with peach salsa. Fruit and meat really were made to go together, and this recipe proves it! You can use freshly peeled and chopped peaches or frozen, prepared ones, depending on how much time you have. While the confection-like fruit mixture is simmering on the stove, you can switch gears and grill up the chicken. Spoon a bit of the sauce over each piece of chicken before you serve it. Yum! 1 lb. peaches, peeled and chopped (can use frozen peaches) ¼ cup fresh orange juice 3 Tbsp. water (if necessary) ⅓ cup brown sugar 1¼ lb. chicken breasts, boneless, skinless Step #1: Peel the peaches Bring a large saucepan of water to a boil. Put peaches in water for about 1 minute or until skin of peach cracks. Drain and rinse under cold water. The skin will peel off easily. Step #2: Make peach sauce Combine peaches, orange juice and brown sugar in a saucepan. Bring to a boil and simmer 15 minutes covered, 15 minutes uncovered until mixture thickens. Season with salt and pepper to taste. Part #3: Prepare chicken Clean and prepare grill. Heat to medium high. Season chicken with salt and pepper. Cut chicken breast halves horizontally to form 4 cutlets. Pound chicken so that each piece has an even thickness. Step #4: Cook chicken Cook chicken breasts, about 5–7 minutes each side or until desired doneness. Part #5: Finish peach sauce Uncover peach salsa and continue to simmer until thick. If it’s already really thick, add a little water. Remove chicken from grill. Let it rest 5 minutes. Slice chicken and spoon peach sauce over slices. Step #6: Finished Serve immediately and enjoy!
  3. The 60s are BACK!! The good old days are BACK! Even better...THE WOLF IS BACK, BABY! Isn’t it great to go back to a time when things were better? And we are back to STAY with the following: 1) Enjoy your jumbo 75% - 95% discounts, and shop like there’s no tomorrow! 2) Yes, I’m back in MIECC with 193,000 square feet of GLORIOUS shopping space!! 3) Trolleys, trolleys EVERYWHERE! 4) Admission is FREE, just as it has always been! Save your kupang and dollars to buy new books instead! 5) YES, I have 3.5 million books AND a load of surprises in store! The good news doesn’t stop here...check out more details on! Make sure you SHARE this and TAG every person, every child, every single living creature...THE BIG BAD WOLF IS BACK!! AWOOOOOOOOO!!! ‪#‎BBWKL2015‬
  4. Toxic Baby Formula

    Dear mothers, Contrary to popular belief that milk is good for growth, it is actually causing more harm than good to our little ones. Have a read... It seems with the many reports of birth defects, organ failure, cancer, and other unsavory health conditions associated with GMO consumption, we should limit the use of GMO in baby products. After all, babies are very sensitive to the foods they consume, and we already know that pesticides found in mother’s milk can be damaging. Below you will learn of three companies which represent more than 90% of baby formula sales in the US that won’t consider removing GMOs from your baby’s food. Why would we knowingly feed our children GMOs before it has really been proven to be ‘safe’ as Monsanto, BASF, and other companies like Abbott Laboratories, Mead Johnson Nutrition, and Nestlé USA, the company who wants to own water rights, tout? If you feed your baby one of the following three infant formulas, you are perhaps, unknowingly, feeding them GMO corn, sugar beets, and soy, since they are often used these companies’ products: Health-Damaging GMOs in Baby Formula 1. Similac One of the widest used brands and often given out for ‘free’ at hospitals, this baby formula is made by Abbott Laboratories. The company is selling you a can of baby formula for over $100 that is full of GMO poisons. You could contact the company to ask why it would include GMOs, or, you can just boycott it altogether. Shareholders are supposed to vote on whether the company is able to continue to use GMO in baby formulas. Abott Laboratories is one of the top 10 pharmaceutical companies – go figure. 2. Enfamil Another baby formula often given out as ‘free’ samples to new mothers iis made by Mead Johnson Nutrition. Their website boasts, ‘Enfamil, scientifically designed to meet the nutritional needs of newborns and infants.’ The following Mead Johnson formulas are known to have GMO toxins: Enfamil with Iron Enfamil with low Iron Enfamil Lacto Free Enfamil 22 Enfamil Next Step (both soy and milk varieties) Enfamil Nutramigen Enfamil Pro-Soybee 3. Gerber Good Start The GMO-riddled formula made by Nestlé USA is perhaps the most questionable since the company has knowingly tried to ‘patent’ water and make it a commodity though it is all part of life itself on this planet. Do we really want to trust a company who wants privatize water with feeding our children health foods? The company went GMO free in South Africa, according to Corporate Action Network, but continues to sell American families the contaminated GMO formula we feed our babies every day. Nestlé USA and Mead Johnson Nutrition have dismissed calls to remove genetically-modified organisms (GMO) from their infant formula products in the US – citing the approved use of GMOs by several national and global regulatory bodies. You can boycott all these companies and start making your own home-made, natural baby formula without toxic chemicals and pesticides and nasty GMOs. The assistant director of the FDA, Nick Duy, says we shouldn’t make our own baby formula, but why isn’t he ousting these companies for using questionable (at best) and health-damaging GMOs? Source: - See more at:
  5. Hi All, Are you looking for used quality containers for storage? Then you are reading at the right Forum. I have 100 pcs of Phillips Avent Containers with Lid which I previously bought brand new for milk storage. I'm off breast feeding now so I don't need these anymore. Condition of the containers from a scale 1 - 100%. I would rate them at 95% new. Retail price is RM70.00 for 10pcs with Lid. Attached are the pictures of the containers. I'm gonna sell mine at RM35.00 for 10pcs with Lid. If you need to take all 100pcs, price is negotiable. Kindly call me at 012-6632930 if you are interested. Items could be COD in PJ area or Pos Laju (beared by buyer) if needs to be posted out of Klang Valley.
  6. Hi selling 100% natural hand cleaned birdnest. No preservative or any other chemical use during cleaning process. Direct sales from production floor. Price: RM488 (100gram) , about 20++ pieces. Contact: sms or call 016 - 384 6767 email: