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  1. Hi, I just found out this new kindergarten school in kota damansara - "In -kids Preschool ". I was told that there were formely known as Kinderland Kota Damansara. I went there to ask for my girl 5 years old and it was very interesting that the school offer speech & drama curriculum from london syllabus and children creative thinking from Australia in their school with a very reasonable price-- i think !! - just RM490 permonth for my kid.. wow... i went to Citta Mall and ask, they charge me Rm 1680 per month leh... they just told me that there have a education aids foundation - " i guess by somebody rich" to sponsor some kids in the comunity. for those whose start studying from 3 years old to 5 year old, when the kids come to 6 year old and parents like me only pay 50% of the school fees.. wow... very tempting for me leh, now aday, everything also increase, petrol increase nearly 10% . but my salary not.. how to cope with the rising cost in KL... susah susah...
  2. This is a norm we send over our kids to child care and suddenly we might missing our little one and wish to know what are they doing. If you are allowed to view your kids live over internet website or 3G phone and share the moment happened there, will you love it?