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  1. Kolej DiKa - "Specialist in Early Childhood Education" Enrich in Child Psychology based knowledge and skills that cover 0-8 years old children including more than 20 types of methodologies and pedagogics in child development. It covers the communication skills on how to interact with children as well for parents to ensure they have good communication with their children. For Diploma in Special Education course, it will cover more in types of special needs and appropriate activities can be designed for special need children. Children in 4 years old and below are the best age range to detect whether they have any symptoms of learning disabilities or not such as symptoms of dyslexia, autism, hyperactive and down syndrome in order to get treatment earlier to get rid of the symptoms. Jenny McCarthy, the author of " Louder Than Words" and the mother of an autism child is able to react faster to help her son from "seizure" if she could realise earlier the symptom of autism in him. There are methods as well covered in the course for parents and kindergarten teachers to handle children with special needs. Kolej DiKa Diploma programs are awarded and accredited by Malaysia Qualification Agency (MQA) to ensure quality get credit transferred to degree in local or overseas University, to apply for PTPTPN Loan & more. For more information and query, please visit the website