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  1. married since dec 2014 1st IVF May 2016,2 embryos transferred, 1 implanted but miscarriage on week 8 1st FET Nov 2016,3 embryos transferred, all failed to implant Dec 2016 go for TMC in verdure fertility, trying to conceive naturally for 5 months but no result I am thinking to try again FET next month as I have 4 frozen embryos in mahkota clinic dr selva Wonder what is the reason i am not successful to get pregnant
  2. Married december 2014. 1st IVF May 2016 (miscarriage no heartbeat on week 8) 1st FET Nov 2016 (2 embryos transferred,failed to implant) Dec 2016 went Verduce fertility for traditional medicine After 6 months trying to conceive naturally but failed. Should i go for another try for FET?