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  1. What's in a name?

    I agree the previous posting. thans for all members. muslim names for girls
  2. What is your favorite name?

    savannah and krish. savannah is my name and krish is my best friend name. muslim names for girls
  3. Shopping to reduce Depression.

    I just can't control my shopping habits, and as each week goes by I find I am buying more and more things we don't really need or can't afford. When I get home I hide things and feel guilty for a while (and even sometimes quite sick with fear, but funnily enough not more depressed) about what I might do, but it doesn't stop me going out again the next day. How can I stop spending money?
  4. High Quality Premium Dresses

    for a high quality dress/outfit bought online? If not willing to pay premium price, what would you consider reasonable for a decent clothes?singapore sales
  5. Baby's jewelry

    Baby jewelry refers to vast variety of jewelry specifically created to meet the requirements of the babies. Baby Jewelry can simply be termed as the cutest form of craftsmanship. Various jewelries have evolved in the past, are emerging right now and will continue to evolve in the future but one special form that has been the undisputed leader is baby jewelry. Durable, colorful and sensational baby jewelry are elegant and with its mesmerizing effect are capable of impressing anyone that looks at them.silver necklaces
  6. Latex clothing

    latex streches but only so much i wear a size 5. and there are some companies that make custom latex clothing, but yes they cost a lot of money, the paint on latex is a better option, but to make clothing? it doesnt stay on for long and it shouldnt be used to go out in the day its more for clubs and used only for a couple of hours and usally they will put it on to make like a "pasties" the latex can cause skin reactions since its natural rubber so test it out first and dont put in on your privates.latex clothing
  7. Really nice maternity clothing for fashion mum

    I own and run a clothing store called Hottiez. Since I opened my clothing store, I have realized there are many fashion terms that I don't know. It is embarrassing sometimes when someone uses a clothing term that I am unfamiliar with. Because, after all, I do own a clothing store. A book or website explaining the difference in clothing sizes will be a great help, too. Juniors vs. Misses sizes for example. latex clothing