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  1. Confinement Services for Post Delivery

    Well depending on your location, there are some "reliable" confinement services. Reliable here meaning, they are either experienced or educated, if you're lucky you can get both from caregiverAsia. As for letting your wife going to a centre, ask her if she'd rather stay at home. I dunno about your wife or anyones' wife, if mine, she'd rather spend time at the comfort of her own house accompanied with a top notch service.
  2. Confinement Services for Post Delivery

    Again, you have to spend enough money,time and energy to go there wouldn't you?
  3. Confinement Services for Post Delivery

    For a topnotch service, I wouldn't mind paying extra for the service. I would give the best for my wife as she gave her best giving birth
  4. Confinement Services for Post Delivery

    I have a room. If not, how is she gonna do what she does to my wife for her confinement service. Haha. What I don't have is money, time and gas haha.
  5. Confinement Services for Post Delivery

    And spend extra money, time and gas to go there? Personally I'd prefer not too
  6. Confinement Services for Post Delivery

    Luckily they would filter out people who are willing to work as a freelancer or part timer i guess? Meaning freelancers would have to register with CaregiverAsia. So the people there are already verified to be caregivers and not just impostors claiming to be something else. Its a way to gain people's trust I guess.
  7. Confinement Services for Post Delivery

    this is true to some extent. Nowadays people tend to look at other platforms for FB where anyone can impose as anyone. At least at that website, everything is stated there. The experience, qualification, requirements, educational background are there. So it's easy to gain people's trust. Meanwhile in social media, if you ask any one, people would quickly reply. So you hve to check each one of them and in order to do so, you need to meet each one of them face to face. That is time consuming and energy wasting.
  8. line trouble me

    me too! I jsut get my iphone 4 from celcom. My whole family also using celcom one. Now they offer for free 6000 minutes and free 2 GB data plan. Very good !!!! and i no need wait again ...