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  1. hypnotized kids?

    Technology evolved so i guess this app can be an example for an easy way to refuel. And a better way for some people who have hard times to manage themselves especially for doing claims.
  2. hypnotized kids?

    Yup, before this i'm using other e-wallet beacuse i didnt like to keep the cash but still need to walk to the counter to pay for the fuel. But not with this setel app, ease me thank goodness
  3. hypnotized kids?

    Use it few times, i think you can work it out like myself too. Before this it took some time also but yup, kinda done it better these days hehehe.
  4. I think every parent or family should aware about some cases related about people hypnotizing kids in order to kidnapped them. Please ensure your kids are always with you guys or safer surrounding and people.
  5. line trouble me

    Tunggu la sampai tahun depan kalau izinkan! iphone 5 yang baru. Kalau tak boleh tunggu just beli la iphone 4. Lebih kurang sama kut...
  6. line trouble me

    Haha! Apple sure know how to attract people one! So, with this video does it means to get iphone?? But which iphone???keke..