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  1. Anyone doing IVF?

    Sharing a success story....hope this will give more encouragement to those who are still trying..... http://myivficsi-miracle-happens.blogspot.my/?m=1
  2. Anyone doing IVF?

    Hi HHope, U can give Metro IVF a call n know more about this egg donor programme...as wat i know they have this programme and the charges is ard Rm 32k to Rm45k....they will make sure at least 6 follicles stimulate b4 proceeding pick up...can call up to know more details.
  3. Anyone doing IVF?

    Hi everyone...Metro IVF is ging to have a public forum Make pregnancy possible this month......u are invited to attend their public forum on 14/1/2017 (Sat) 10.00am to 3pm at Four Points By Sheraton Puchong for more details info.:-
  4. Anyone doing IVF?

    Hi Everyone, been long time since i lat log in....my twins girls ady 4 yrs old now...hope everyone r doing well....cheers
  5. Anyone doing IVF?

    Hi everyone... Been long time nv log in n so happy to see so many of u have success n some even have ady delivered ur bb....my twin gals r ady 16 mths... Growing happily n healthily ... So happy to see them growing day by day...times really flies...we always tell ourselves tat we r really lucky to make our decision to have our second ivf under Dr Tee fr Metro....or else our family still incomplete without the joy tat we have now....after all our previous failure we r really lucky to meet Dr Tee... Without him n his team we still don know to joy to be a parent.... Dr Tee is really a very skillful , caring n responsible dr....at my age ( was 38 then) I was very surprised he can manage to retrieve 11 eggs fr me...9 were matured n 7 fert...he transfer the 3 best n the bal was frozen....was having triplets at first but third bb hb stop at week 9....god know wat is he best plan for us....so here r my twin gals ady 16 mths....Dr Tee don encourage his patients to go for egg donor....even there is still 1% of chance he will also ask us to use out own egg.... Hui112...if the dr is skillful n have so many success story under him is worth to travel over to see him....u r fr Sarawak....there r so many couples fr even further like Indonesia, Canada,Singapore,n many more also travel all the way to Klang to have ivf with him n successed ady. For those who r still trying lots of bb dust to u n don give up......cheerssssssssss!!!!!!!
  6. Anyone doing IVF?

    Hi...long time nv log in...but I had been silent reader recently...so happy to see some of u gals have ur dream come true n congrats too...for those who r still struggling pls don give up....ur hard work will be ans ....my twin ady 15 mths this 8/8...n they r growing healthily......wanna share with u gals my video abt my Ivf journey n my blog too...hope my video n blog can give u gals tat r still trying hard some info n hope too..... My video on my Ivf journey..... N this is my blog.... http://christinepobear.blogspot.com/2013_07_01_archive.html
  7. Anyone doing IVF?

    Hi newee....i also delivered my twins girls at Hospital wanita Metro....my girls are 8 mth old now....agreed with silly22...Dr t is really skillful...i can get down fr bed n carry my babies on second day after CS...n ya...the nurses at Metro are really caring n friendly...and as for the amnio test...i did the test under dr tee....if i said not pain at all is lying la....how can u wont feel pain when a needle was poke under ur stomach...n have to do twicw coz of 2 babies n 2 diff sac....but the pain is just awhile....don worry....since we did ivf with so many jabs on our tummy i don think this is a big problem... Hubby was really worried too at first when he googles n know tat this test will bring to 5% of MC...esp twin more higher...but for the sake of bb we really need to proceed...(i m 39 yrs when did the test)...we just don wan to have abnormal babies coz we need to take care of them for rest of their life....n with Dr Tee skill we just proceed with the test....Dr Tee reassure us tat for all the cases of amnio test he did all come out very smoothly...indeed...Dr Tee...one word to describe..."GENG"...hahahahah.... Hi Babyapple....the problem of losing weight is normal esp if u r carrying twins....i also lose weight during my pregnancy...but as long as the little bubs is growing on track then it wont be a problem...just try to force urself drink more milk if u have no appetitie....FYI...i m very scared of milk...but coz of losing weight i have to press my nose n swollow all the milk in sec....after the milk i have to eat some sweet to cover the taste...hahahaah...dr only prescibe me some multivitamin..tats all... For those who wan to know more i can share with u at my FB....can add me if u r interested.....pobear_2011@hotmail.com....::))
  8. Anyone doing IVF?

    Wowwww.....so happy to hear so many of u gals that already preggy...some even with twins!!!..Yeyyeyeyyeye....2013 indeed is a very good n lucky year...to those who r still trying don give up n faster get ur dream come true on this very lucky year...GAMBATEH!!!! Kazee & lucky mg...good to hear tat u gals have sign up with Metro new year package...their price are indeed very reasonable (RM 12,300 inclusive of ICSI)..compare to other centre ...last time when i sign up their merdeka package is not included ICSI ...i just brought my bb back for 7mths jab last 2 week n know abt their this new year ivf package which is very attractive...their package is valid until end of this month... Kazee & lucky mg...u make the right choice coz Dr Tee n his team are really skillful...without him my twins angels wont be here today..:D/> :D/> :D/> :D/> :D/> wish u gals all the best n lots of baby dust to u all....CHEERSSSSSS!!!!!!!
  9. Anyone doing IVF?

    Hi everyone.....had been sometime didnt update myself coz was quite busy with my two little angels.so far everything is going well for me n my two little ones...was happy to see them growing healthily day by day.....::))....n recently they just got their two little teeth..from the tough n long ivf journey until we hold our bb in our own arms...seeing them growing day by day is why we were all here today ....changing...sharing....encouraging each other about our journey our story.......so happy to hear so many of u tat didnt give up n got ur "BFP"...our efforts really will be paid off one day as i always say....to those tat already preggy i wish u all have a smooth pregnancy n those who are still trying i wish u all will get ur dream come true in this 2013 luckyyyyyyyy yearrrrrrrrrrr ... I also went through lots of up n down n only have my two little precious today...to those new member u can go through my journey start fr page 35...heheheh....:P/> :P/> And lastly to eleenest....FYI Dr Tee fr Metro have very high success rate on ivf...lots of our member here also success under him....n the cost at metro are very reasonable with such a high sucess rate...n if i not mistaken they are having a package which will be cheaper than normal price...i took their merdeka package n got my two little angels...u can try call Ms Lee at 03-33412277,33411941 or u can call her hp (016-9040480) for further queries....she is very good n polite...she can help u make app with dr tee either in kl or klang...and if u see Dr Tee u can tell him ur history...he is a very patience n caring doc....good luck to u...:D/> :D/>
  10. Anyone doing IVF?

    Hi everyone ...so happy to hear that some of u gals have already have a smooth delivery n some r going to give birth very soon too...silly22...congrats on ur newborn n hope u r coping well with ur little one...hahah...I m the friend u r mentioning tat have just a 4 inch line for having twins ...ya...really thanks to dr tee...really "geng" his skill ...hahahha...he told me b4...all his ivf patients will get flowers n take pic with him... Hi willyyo...so long nv hear fr u leh...how r u getting on?? R u sure u don wan another try with ur own egg or donor egg b4 u decide to go for adoption?? But no matter which u choose I really wish u all the best....to those who r stil struggling this TTC journey I just can say nv give up...if there is a will there is always a chance...ppl up there can see how much effort , time, money that we already spend to have a little bub of our own...he will fulfill our dream one day when he think it is our time ...😄😄😄
  11. Anyone doing IVF?

    Hi ever young ..how r u??
  12. Anyone doing IVF?

    Good luck n lots of baby dusts to u Eeerlin...waiting for iur good news on mon...keep us update ok...u saw my bb twin???
  13. Anyone doing IVF?

    Hi Jeengly...i m sorry to hear abt ur failure...but am happy to hear that u r not giving up... Hi Odie...i m sorry to hear that u have such an experience with Dr Tee...but for my personally exp is it not like wat u mention....my every visit with Dr tee is more than 15 min...sometimes he have not much patients we will chat until half an hour....whenever we have question he will sure ans us even he have many patients still waiting outside for him...as for his package even though we need jab every 4 days after ET but still it is still cheaper (i spend ard 15k all in )... As for the hospital facilities i find it very comfortable..the nurses r there for me everytime i need them coz after CZ i was in such pain...they even come to my bed n help me wash my face n brush my teeth coz i still cant get down fr bed on 2nd day... N FYI i also had fever after my OPU...but i was success under dr tee on my first try n with twins .....my first exp at LPPKN...i didnt have fever after my OPU...had very good grade A embryo with 0% fragmentation but failed....n for the sperm report...men sperm vary every mth...my hubby sperm report also diff when he first check up at LPPKN n at Metro.... So like u say diff doc practise differently..but they have their professional way to deal with diff patients....and both doc have high success rate...sometimes we really need to have some lucks with certain doc...there r patients fr Metro went to see Dr wong at sunferts for second opinion when they had failed few round of ivf but there are also many patients that failed at sunfert change to Metro to see dr Tee n they were success under him... For my opinion every human being will have their mistake...even though i failed twice iui n once ivf at LPPKN n the money i spend all in is more than 20k...but maybe is just my luck...i didnt judge how the doc treat her patients coz the doc i meet actually she is a really kind malay doctor...very caring...very responsible...n she gave me so much wishes on my ivf coz she say..."kesian la Tan...i tengok u cucuk cucuk banyak jab"...semoga ini round success ya....coz tat time she said my embryo grade was prefect but it failed...really...we just need to find a doc that really we feel comfortable with...there is no doc tat have 100 patients do ivf and 100 of them success.... I didnt have any exp with Dr Wong...but after i failed my first ivf i was eager to start another new round...i had both doc in my list...but when i called sunfert the "Q" was very teriible n the nurse put me to see Dr wong at another round of menses....only make app to see him have to wait another 1 mth....not yet even say we wanna start ivf....so i called Metro n i see Dr tee on my 3rd day of my menses n start my ivf jab (superfact) on day 18....here is my twins angels going to 6mth old in another 2 days...n i know tat Metro have this merdeka package or christmas package which will be more cheaper by 1 or 2 k....i took last yr merdeka package...n if u sign up for their package n still not wanna start the mth u can postpone later but with the package price... Here i wishing all those who are r still struggling this ivf journey to be strong n don give up....the ppl up there can see wat we r doing...our effort...our time...our money....ur prayers will be answer 1 day if u don give up...lots of bb dust to u gals out there
  14. Anyone doing IVF?

    JL 3444....sure 1 day u will become twin or maybe triplets mummy...just have confidence for urself..tell urself when other can do it why i cant??? N FYI i don really believe in fortune teller...hahaha...just when we r lost we will just go for watever we think might give us even just a little bit of chance or hope....