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  1. HI, I am looking for suggestions for a good non dairy formula. I plan on breast feeding but I am told that at times, mom's milk does not come right away.I'm put off by the multiple ingredients in most of the formula I've found on Amazon. I bought enfamil soy formula, but I would like to know if there's a better way. Has anyone ever made formula at home? I found a recipe for vegan home made formula online, but it was not for new borns.
  2. HI, My dd2 (3 weeks old) feeds well, drink 3.5 ozs every 3 -4hours. However will not settle afterwards for sometimes 2 hours, goes to sleep then for maybe 30 mins. She was on SMA 1 for first1.5 weeks but cried for long periods after her feeds, seemed difficult to get wind up, was very constipated and cried most of the night too. We decided to change to SMA comfort 5 days ago. She is now has runny green (and extremely foul smelling) bowel movements for nearly every feed. Though is is visibly clear that she has less discomfort she still does not settle after her feeds to sleep during the day. every time we put her down to her carrycot or crib after feeds she screeches (but stops when lifted) and some days she may not fall asleep for hours after herfeeds.Does anyway have any experience with this?Has she an allergy perhaps? Dairy, lactose etc?I don't think its colic cos not consistent to evening hours and its not reflux as she doesn't spit up much and is not silent reflux either as doesn't make the swallowing sounds?Any one any help/suggestions?
  3. HI, I am facing a issue while working on a hydraulic arm, I have created three objects Boom, arm, Bucket I have applied child parent relation between them (bucket -> Arm -> Boom) , and its working fine in blender 3D window, but when I am trying to see this in game window both the child objects are moving away from the parentsCan anybody help me on this
  4. HI, So it seems most people try to avoid over population, and will even let children die to avoid it. However, I played several games where the population seemed totally unsustainable, yet people still survived and got a lot done just because there is so many people. Obviously if all the people goof off you are in trouble, but if each person works, then the resources produced by one person is higher than what they use. Often by a great deal.It seems like overpopulation isn't the problem, but rather people neglecting food is the problem. If there is tons of food then people some times don't pay attention and you eat through it quickly, and suddenly you got a lot of people with no food and people start to starve. However, if you have no food from the start and everyone is concerned about the supply, then as soon as they can they will work on it.Maybe it is just me, but it seems like there is a valid strategy to keeping all the children you have and even taking care of abandoned childrenand stuff, to get as many as possible. Also, it seems like the bigger the population, the more likely people are to be reborn into the same place. So some children will know exactly what is going on from birth.
  5. HI, me and my wife are lanning to move to Atyrau in mid July from holland. iworks for oil gas company. We have concern about private hospitals care for pregnant woman. Please advice us how is the gynaecology department n staff in private hospitals at Atyrau ? Is it well equipped and good for delivery (Incase of c-section also)?Please advice us. Does anyone has personal experience On delivery (baby) in Atyrau? please help I did not find the right solution from the internet. References: Corporate video animation Company Thanks
  6. HI, For biological reasons that are unknown to me, I am a 27 years old male plagued with chronic fatigue, of which I only get some (illusionary) relief by ingesting the Methylxanthine class of drugs (Caffeine, Theobromine, tutti quanti) or taking a copious amount of naps during the day. No doctors have been able to help me so far, refusing to consider anything other than a "mental and/or psychological disorder".I was eating previously a meat-based diet, and now have been Vegan for the better part of the last 12 months, still my health is practically identical, by which I mean terrible. Several food items seems to elicit a negative response in my system, with increasing fatigue, skin infections, amplified drowsiness, bouts of irrational depression and so forth.I have experimented several time with Apples and Bananas, for instance, and the end result is always minor stomach aches, increased fatigue and a course of acne/cysts. Similar business with Wheat, Corn (+ other grains), Potato, Cacao, Legumes, and possibly Onions (still need to do a proper trial.) Fruit eating in general have been put on hold until I can stabilize my health, by precaution. On the other hand, I haven't noticed any symptoms with Cruciferous Vegetables, Sweet Potato, Carrots, Rutabaga, Beets, Greens and the like.I've stumbled upon different theories and assertions to explain negative response to certain foods listed previously, but nothing seems conclusive enough to help me tailor a restorative diet that would definitely makes me feel alive again.If anyone can provide some pointers, I'd be incredibly grateful. In the meantime, I will continue eating the foods that don't appear to irks my broken immune system. please help I did not find the right solution from the internet. References: Teaser video production company Thanks