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  1. Sanitize car before using it

    agreed!! should avoid going to hospital or clinic if you can..those places for now will be most dangerous..there too much risk by letting yourself being there..
  2. Sanitize car before using it

    of course that will be great for all of us..hoping there will be a way where we dont need to que and at same time save time too
  3. Sanitize car before using it

    i get it but how about necessary other than ready made not have any choice rather than the leader of a family have a responsibility for his family..surely he still take precaution in any mean while be outside like petrol station and supermarket..
  4. Sanitize car before using it

    going out with family? big no!! its dangerous for your who can going out but only one person to buy some groceries if you need..i never heard sanitize the whole car but only use hand sanitizer commonly..wearing mask and gloves too as precaution if you very2 sick and need to see doctor..
  5. Beauty Product Victim

    lorhh.. nothing wrong to promotes items on social media. You just need to publish it at the suitable platform.
  6. Beauty Product Victim

    Or maybe the product just not that good so nobody wants.
  7. Beauty Product Victim

    How much the price? If not that expensive just giveaway la.
  8. Mini Xtra F1 race

    Hahaha Ean better star using his DJ skill or else..sure out of the petronas primax 95 xtra race lol.....ahahah! Playing with his CD technique! check it out...yoyo!!! :lol: