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  1. Car Suspension

    never experience mean you need try that new petrol, if not you just thought we are bluffing here only... I think you will miss a good chance if you still dont want to use it.
  2. Car Suspension

    you can try that petrol, but not 100% sure will fix your problem, at least it help your engine perform better than before. And it will not give the promt result, you have to wait patiently to see the result.
  3. Car Suspension

    Haha, he is my friend ma, teach how to use the most cheapest way to solve my problem, and the new petrol is very nice to use.After using this petrol, i feel my vehicle engine is stronger.
  4. Car Suspension

    previously my vehicleengine sound is louder than before, then my friend who is the workshop boss suggest me to use the new petrol from petronas. Then my problem was solve after 2 week i used the new petrol.
  5. Car Suspension

    i agree with you, so i always find the way to save the petrol cost until i meet primax prodrive, this petrol can use longer than other, the distance we can reach is longer.
  6. Biskut raya for mother-in-law

    Hai mommies, Any one can share their fav biskut raya that I can just buy or maybe order if they still open for it... I've bought 2 jars of it, the taste is so-so... I am looking for another 4 types that tastes good so that I can bring back some to my mother in law
  7. I have a autistic kid

    Did u sent him to see doctors already? Because doctors can help treatment for autistic and they are more expertthan nurse i think
  8. Homecare for the slow learner?

    yaa they also provide info about possible sitters, including specific experience such as if having worked with special-needs children
  9. Homecare for the slow learner?

    be patient. i think u need to find creative ways to attract her and make her feel comfortable with you. if you are looking for caregiver you can find here
  10. Need help here i know now celcom no more carry forward data to next you can finish all data in a month..for me if not finish using data and no more carry forward, it will became waste money
  11. Need help here

    if you are not using more internet data or calling , better you choose prepaid plan for using because postpaid plan sometimes costs a lot and that is suitable for using a lot of internet data...don't waste money to use postpaid plan if you are not using a lot of internet data
  12. any travel agency?

    ya wehyyyyy! this is what i concerning. thats why i dont want book with agency any suggestion?
  13. 2YO too early for potty train???

    understand that potty training may not cause constipation but currently she have constipation...too tired and stress dealing with her constipation..that's why have not start the potty training..part of it also because heard abt horrible stories about potty training that can cause the child to become anxious and have the habit of holding on even when have the urge to go la... by the way..what is this prebiotics oligosaccharide mixture? very scientific name...where can find it? supplements for constipation? sorry for being a blur mommy.. hahaha no worry also blur blur at first but did a lot of research la... when you search for milk powder try to find this Prebiotics mixture in the paediatrician gave me a sample of Dumex Mamil to try it out for my gal since she also have constipation when she switch her milk powder...been using it for 4 mths far can see improvement in her more dry, flaky stools... also when offering fruits to them, make sure you don't peel off the skin...wash thoroughly and encourage them to eat it all coz it contain more fibre. hope this help and good luck!!!
  14. 2YO too early for potty train???

    actually constipation not just happen during potty training depends on what they eat..whether enough fibre, water etc lo... is she don't like to eat fruits/vege..maybe can make her fruits/vege puree..try not to force it..try slowly to insert into her diet la... also is she drinking milk powder? try to look for this ingredients..Prebiotics Oligosaccharide suppose to help to soften the stools so it's easy to pass out la...hope this will help