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  1. Hi Mothers! I am aPsychology Undergraduatefrom HELP University. I am currently running my research on the topic "The Relationship Between Kiasuism, Relationship Closeness and Maternal Stress" I would like to invite you to participate in my study if you are a mother and above the age of 18. If you agree to participate in my study you will be required to fill in 3 Questionnaires, namely: 1.Kiasu Measure 2.Inclusion of Child in the Self Scale 3.Parental Stress Scale (can be completedwithin 10-15 minutes) Your participation in this study is confidential, scientific report will be based on group data and will not identify you as being in this study. You maychoose to stop at any time,and your data will be discardedimmediately. If you are interested to participate in my study, please click on thislink: Your participation in this study is greatlyappreciated. Thank you!