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  1. Petronas contest

    Any petronas oil or specific?
  2. Women Bikers

    Hmmm not to be rude,just curious ..Isn’t it dangerous?
  3. haiz..phone line trouble me

    all my friends n parents hard to get my line tat day..they tot something happen on me..enough already...since my contract v digi finishing soon....n im going to change to celcom and getting my white iphone 4..but can i use bck my existing number ? only diff telco...
  4. haiz..phone line trouble me

    yesterday try to call their cust service complaint but failed cause nobody pick up maybe busy or someone say will get bck to me but NEVER...lie to me...yesterday not a good day to me......wat the........!!!
  5. many why in my mind...why no line one?just start working at putrajaya..why digi have no coverage there one?!! very trouble people....I want to call also a problem sometimes
  6. only me

    I like black n white… So my name is black white. Not because my half body is black n another half iswhite:p Anyway,new at here..wish to get more fren n have fun here: )