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  1. 2017 IVF reccomendations in KL?

    Just to confirm I am after personal recommendations. Ones away from company message boards on Facebook so that people can share their real experiences rather than ones edited or deleted. Eg Dr was rude/nasty/didn't listen to me/commercial mindset/empathetic/friendly/gentle/patient How long you have to wait for appointments? Outcomes of tests? Costs? Outcomes of treatment? Dr's just go to standard protocol rather than listen to your personal history? ...... You know all these things that help you make a decision to not waste your time and money with a company and a doctorand more importantly your hopes! Never put your eggs all in one basket without knowing whether the basket has holes in it..... right!!! If you aren't asking these questions I feel you should be! As someone in the medical profession ..... always ask questions. It's your body you need to be educated.
  2. Anyone doing IVF?

    i've just started a new topic of recent up to date IVF clinic reviews as a lot appear to be super old. Any recommendations anyone has would be appreciated. link is here
  3. Does anyone have any recent (last 6-12 months 2016/2017) orpersonal recommendations for IVF in Kuala Lumpur/Selangor area? In comparison to other countries there are very little reviews of doctors on web boards like this in malaysia (positive or negative - or at least ones that appear genuine and not written by an employee at the clinic!!). I'm needing pre implantation genetic testing and a Dr that doesn't speak to me like an idiot and takes in to account my long medical history (having started this process abroad a few years ago and then had to move for my husbands work). Anyone? thanks in advance.