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  1. Anyone doing IVF?

    Hi HHope, I done egg donor with Sunfert in KL. I am now 7 weeks pregnant. We still don't know if I carry twin or not because we haven't done the scan yet as doctor suggest we do it on week 10. I choose sunfert because it is more affordable. AFC is too expensive. Also, at first we sent email to those clinics that you said but we only received comprehensive reply from Sunfert, hence we choose it. What I love about Sunfert is they have a PIC to handle our questions via Whatsapp messenger. Hence we do not need to go back and fort from our hometown to KL. We do scan in my hometown and then sent them to the PIC and then she will tell me what to do next. Plus, they also give me instruction and mark specific date so I don't miss any action needed such as go for scan, start medicine etc. Technology in Sunfert is quite advance too. Later after 2 times failed IVF, we know that the quality of embryologist and the lab also a big part in making good quality embryo. Plus they have PGS technology, to check on the embryo quality (PGS can pin point any damages in embryo chromosome to avoid Down Syndrome, Prader Willi Syndrom and Angelman Syndrome, also for us to pick our baby gender). I hope you find this helpful.. Regards Yoshie
  2. Egg Donation Programme

    Hi Audreywong89, sorry for the late reply, I thought this thread is dead so I don’t come here to visit and suddenly my hubby told me, someone is replying my message. anyway, we tried mini IVF, because I was so stubborn, and still want to tried and was afraid to regret if I haven’t try with all my might. 1stdone in May 2017, Doc collected2 eggs but only 1 successfully become embryo with grade Average. The 2nd cycle was done on September 2017, got 1 egg but it was discarted. So really really we give up on using my egg at this point. Oh.. I also take DHEA 75mg for 3 months on our 2nd cycle. Turn out DHEA make my egg worst. On our 1st visit to Sunfert, we had choose 5 candidate donors, but because we waste so many time. Those donor became unavailable. Also, donor can only donate eggs for 6 times, max. So my first choice at that time already doing her 4th times, and her eggs quality were so good that a couple get twin. And pregnancy success rate from her eggs were high. But then, we missed our chance. The other donor that we choose, euther change their minds or become unavailable for other reasons. So while in Jakarta, I arranged skype with Sunfert team, and choose another donors thru that meeting. So, here I am now in a coffee shop at KL, writing this. today is our donor OPU, she gave us 16 eggs. We will do PGS for 5 eggs, and I also did scan this morning, take home some medicinesto prepare my body for the FET. We will do the FET on 23 February, right after Chinese New Year. if you have any questions, feel free to email me beautify.me.ym@gmail.com from here I will give you my whatsapp number.
  3. Egg Donation Programme

    Hi Mybbdream I heard about surrogate mother from a person I met from similar forum. They went to AFC. maybe you could check with AFC
  4. Egg Donation Programme

    Hi all, this is thread still a live ? I have failed 3IUI and 2 IVF. on the last one, doctor told me that my egg is genetically not good and I have to have many IVF attempt to get the good quality egg. But my husband oppose to the 3rd IVF fearing that I can get cancer from it. I then started to do Accupuncure here in Jakarta, and consume Fertilaid from Fair Haven. 2.5 months of fertilaid and almost 4 months of accupunture, I was pregnant but too bad it was BO so we have to get rid of it. It has been 8 months since the pregnancy and I amgetting older(I will36 this year)and don't want to wait anymore. Thank you for sharing and congratulation to all moms that get pregnant in this tread. we will be going to Sunfert, maybe around March. We have contacted the PIC there and he has bee very helpful. Thankfully my profile is very common and they havethe egg donor is ready for us.