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  1. Egg Donation Programme

    Hi Emma05, You can approach Sunfert (Dr Wong) or Alpha Fertility. They have donor profiles where you can look at basic information such as pictures, education, blood group, height and weight. Alternative is go through egg agency such as Christine from Heart2ART. There are a few others in KL I believe. Wish you all the best.
  2. Anyone doing IVF?

    Hi all, Not sure if this is the right thread to post, but can't find one on Egg donors with active discussion.. I have undergone 5 cycles of IVF - all unsuccessful. I was told I have low ovarian reserve and the doctor advised me to find an egg donor. Does anyone have any experience in this? I combed the internet, but still have many questions.. I am so worried about the quality of the donor - intelligence, education especially - but I heard Chinese donors are not as many and many people choose based on proven track record of the donor or young age. While these are important, does anyone have experience what else they look for particularly? I contacted some egg agencies, but they say I won't be able to meet the donor, only look at the profile provided. Also one of the agency asked me to go to their partner hospital - Island international in Penang, it looks impressive but it is not one of the common ones I see on forums (eg Alpha fertility, TMC, Sunfert, etc). Does anyone know about this hospital? I am just so worried the baby will not have good traits and this is a lifelong decision! Please share any information you have. Thank you!!