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  1. Am i paranoid?

    hi mommies, this issue has been troubling me for months since my baby is born (my daughter is 15months now). my baby is taken care by my in-laws in serembanwhile i'm working in KL. my husband & i goes backevery friday. all this while my baby is very clingy to my in-laws, which i understand since she's been taken care by them. but somehow or rather i feel very 'sad' that my baby is not clingy to me. i am grateful to my in-laws for looking after my child, but i feel uncomfortable everytime my child run to my in-laws or prefer them over me. n lately, my child keeps crying when we pat her to sleep at night. she doesn't want us (myself & hubby) to sleep with her. she will keep crying & crying, and i don't know what to do with her. but when my mil came, babyis able to sleep with her. this has been going on for a month now. i feel hurtful of this situation that my child only wants my mil. i think im getting obsessive over my daughter here. how should i deal with such situation? pls help me, mommies....