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  1. 8 Top Early Pregnancy Symptoms

    If not detected early, it can be dangerous.
  2. 1. The strips ovulation and ovulation tracker Another important thing to find out early pregnancy is the exact time of ovulation.The sisters can calculate ovulation, but this was so confusing and not easy to carry out.However, recently there are many tools to help you determine the exact day of ovulation.For example, the test strip ovulation and ovulation tracker. 2. "Relationship" before ovulation The eggs can survive for 24 hours after ovulation.However, sperm can live again in 3-5 days.Therefore, to early pregnancy, the couple should "relationship" before ovulation rather than wait until the day of ovulation.Sperm can live longer, so if relations egg after ovulation, you may lose it the chances of conception. 3. Do not be too confident in the chart ovulation If you rely on the calendar to calculate ovulation chart should also be careful, do not be too confident.Because sometimes irregular menstrual cycle so you will calculate incorrectly.A better way is that you should use test strips ovulation and ovulation tracker to get the desired results. 4. See your doctor It is important that you have good health before trying to get pregnant.Comprehensive health examination will help determine whether you have the disease sexually transmitted infection or not.Because if you have one of these diseases will reduce the likelihood of pregnancy. 5. Inspired to join the "love" As long as there are children, the easier it is to fall into the couple feeling "sex" as a heavy task.Therefore, it is important to maintain a sense of comfort, inspiration before taking action.Because mood is very important, it helps you increase your chances of conception. Let's create something different to bring excitement sex for 2 people.Furthermore, some scientists believe that the contractions occur when women reach orgasm help push the sperm to swim deeper into the vagina. 6. Posture The missionary position is a good position to increase the chances of conception because this posture helps keep the sperm in the vagina longer than the other positions.Should prescribe a pillow under your hips woman to create a slope for the vagina and pelvis, enabling sperm to swim faster and deeper.In addition, to increase the chances of conception after sex, she should not sit up straight or not to lie above the husband. 7. Do not drink alcohol, smoking and drugs All bad habits for health as drinking, smoking and drug use are not good to affect fertility.Moreover, if you are already pregnant, they also affect the baby anymore.
  3. ivf

    My sister also made this method!