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    I just wanted to let everyone know about my experience with JSH fertility Centre at Johor Specialist Hospital, Johor Bahru. They are the only hospital based IVF centre (KPJ group) in Johor. My husband had some issues with his sperm and he had help with the experienced Urulogist at the Hospital. Dr Mohanraj, the IVF doctor there at JSH is very caring and experienced. Before our treatment with IVF, he explained all the other possible options available for us. He did not push us to do IVF, but rather explained the pros and cons to us and let us make up our mind. With his help, we have finally succeeded in achieving our dream of having a family with our first attempt of IVF!! Another person that was very helpful was their chief embryologist, Ms Angela Ho, who has more then 20 years of working in IVF. I would consider her knowledge and caring personality a big plus and maybe one reason why JSH Fertilty Centre has a very good success rates. I would strongly like to recommend JSH Fertility Centre for anyone seeking IVF treatment.