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  1. Early pregnancy symptoms help to detect pregnancy a few days after conception. Many of these symptoms are subtle and sometimes confusing. Most women detect early pregnancy symptoms when they miss their periods. However, missed periods have many causes and it would be advisable to see a pregnancy care doctor for a consult.
  2. Exercise during pregnancy is beneficial when you are delivering in the labor room and lower odds of delivery complications. Apart from exercise, I also did try reflexology and shiatsu during my
  3. I experienced the same. I had the discharge and felt very itchy. I seek my pregnancy care doctor and she prescribed me with some medication. But before she did the prescription, she took the discharge sample and did a lab test. Luckily the result was just fungal. I dare not use any medication not prescribed by the doctor fearing it may affect the baby inside.
  4. Dear friend, I was introduced to the traditional Malay lady urut and Post Natal V-Spa Monthly Therapy by my office colleague two years ago after delivery my first baby. Malay lady urut was a common massage session for most mothers to Cleanse & pacify the stretchmark as well as push up the cervix to its normal position. But what a lovely surprise was the vagina steam bath or also known as v-spa. It was pretty relaxing and revitalising experience. If you can find such therapy at your local community, give it a try. Now I am pregnant with my second baby and will be due by end of August. I believe I will use both the malay lady urut and v-spa in combination.
  5. Endometriosis

    Hello Pink, My MRI scan showed I had 1 ovarian cyst and 2 fibroids. I will be doing the laparascopy by month end. Scarry but luckily the fibroids are not growing big. Thank God.
  6. Dr Wong Pak Seng is very good doctor. He possessed great skills and knowledge in "Labour & Delivery" and pregnancy care. He is a doctor with lots of patience.
  7. Beware of Ginseng and Gingko

    I am 6 months pregnant. This morning I visited the pregnancy care Obstetrician at Pantai Ipoh. I asked her if it is ok to consume ginseng or dong kwai. The obstetrician said it is okay to consume but consume up until 1 month before the due date. Ginseng or dong kuai consumption shall be halted 1 month before the delivery date. She mentioned ginseng and dong kuai may cause heavy bleeding during or after delivery.
  8. Doctor Recommendation in KL

    Hi gals, Just to share my experience. I started using Dr Vijay @ KPJ Klang's O&G services since 3 years ago. I know he is a really good gynae and is highly recommended.... You can check out his website too: pregnancy care : He is a very friendly and attentive...and also a good Dr.....