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  1. The program has extended to 17 April 2016
  2. Pregnancy rashes/itchiness? Stretch mark? Dry/crack/sensitive skin? Looking for something to resolve all these problems? Kindly visit https://www.facebook.com/VluvGreen-1916368611922480/timeline/ March 2016 program - share & like and get a FREE product! Hurry up
  3. Stretchmark cream/lotion that you are using

    Pure shea butter works well to prevent/reduce stretchmarks. I like the way as it is a multipurpose jar, whereby you can use it as body moisturizer (can mix with your lotion/virgin coconut oil), lip balm, sunscreen, excellent for many skin condition like dry, crack, eczema, itchiness etc. It is 100% natural and free from chemical. Normally I get it online, you may search "VluvGreen" in the facebook
  4. HSG Test

    In what condition, women will need to perform this hsg test?
  5. This is a good topic. I haven't actively trying after miscarriage. This is due to I have developed itchiness and rashes after miscarriage..maybe due to the hormone change. Finally it is under control now, and gonna trying again. Hope the angel comes soon
  6. I had developed serious rashes and itchiness all over my body after miscarriage..believe due to the hormone change.The itchiness at peak during night time and I had a really bad time. I visited doctor twice, and the rashes gone immediately when i took the medicine and applied the steroid cream. However, it comes back after the medicine finish. Therefore I decided to switch to take traditional chinese herb, however, the traditional way though does not harmful to body, but the effect takes time. I still feel the itchiness, at that time, accidentally i found the pine tar soap, use it to shower with cold water 2-3 times per day did help soothing the problem, and applied the shea butter after showering also help the conditions. After few weeks of taking chinese herb and using the soap and shea butter, finally, the skin condition under control and I can sleep soundly every night now Just sharing my experiences, hopefully whoever encounter such problem got some clue to work with it. The shea butter that I'm using is also helping to prevent/reduce stretch marks. For mother-to-be, take note on that